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Dealing with a breakdown in your relationship can be stressful, particularly when children are involved.

Worries over money and child access can sometimes overwhelm you. We are here to help you through it.

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Separation and divorce

Property, assets and entitlement

Financial settlement and minutes of agreement

How we can help
When a relationship breaks down, disputes can arise in relation to financial rights and obligations and the care of children.

These disputes can be expensive and unpleasant. We aim to help you resolve such disputes through negotiation, thus avoiding the stress of the case having to be decided in court.

A negotiated separation agreement saves time and money, and can help maintain an amicable relationship with your former partner.

It is a legally binding contract providing certainty about your financial positon and arrangements for children, and enables you to plan more effectively for the future.

With a line drawn under your legal relationship, a divorce or dissolution at a later date can be relatively simple.

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